Nigeria's #1 initiative to bring:

Digital Empowerment to Remote Locations

80% of Local Government Areas in Nigeria are not, at this time digitally empowered and connected. We seek to change that!

The Digital Divide Gap in Nigeria

Just 38% of Nigeria's population has access to the internet.

Project 774 is all about changing these figures through:

Tackling the Problem ⚙

Project 774 was created to address grassroot technology gaps with the main objective to transform Nigeria to a tech-driven nation.

Benefits to the Individual

A Unique Platform for Innovative Growth. 🌱

In a nutshell, these hubs we will set up in these areas will provide free access to a cutting-edge innovation hub where they can develop their prototypes/products/ and ideas with the help of on-the-spot technical assistance.

Benefits to Nigeria

Made-In-Nigeria Solutions from Nigerians. 🌼

What we do will open up economic advancement through venture creation, skills development, and introducing Nigerians to critical technology solutions. More important, Nigerians will reach a point where we will create tech solutions and services to better ourselves and grow our economy.

"I see Project 774 as a channel we can all contribute our quota to Nigeria's transformation. We all have a duty as patriotic citizens. It demands an undevided attention and support to accomplish what we've started."

Dr. Jerry Akubo - CEO at Project 774

Our Focus Areas 👀

Project 774 seeks to join forces with the Nigerian Government to strengthen it by providing entrepreneurs and innovators with the full package that they need to hone their skills.

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📚 Education

Solutions that increase access to proper education, including AI in education, learning tools and more.

🚜 Manufacturing

Solutions that improve manufacturing/small scale manufacturing capacity.

🩺 Health / Medical Device

Solutions which will increase the accessibility to proper advanced health care.

💡 Clean Energy

Solutions that serve rural and/or semi-urban communities not adequately served by the national grid currently.